Pride in Every Detail

We specialize in design+build projects, working closely with forward-thinking designers to actualize unique architectural concepts. If you have a vision, well bring it to reality. And if you dont have a vision, just a vague plan well, thats what were here for.

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Foresight is 20/20

We lead you through the planning and construction phases from Should we? to Can we? to How do we? with detailed cost projections, open dialogue and complete transparency. Our step-by-step guidance ensures you never have to regret a decision.

A reputation well-earned, client by client.

When our clients' feedback includes the very same words we use at our meetings, we know we've succeeded.

Glatt Gourmet 01 Commitment


Regency's a pleasure! Always available, always there when there's any sort of problem, and so honest, straightforward and easy to work with! - Joav, Glatt Gourmet

02 Transparency


We were kept up to speed the entire time and got responses to every question within 30 seconds. They were quick to send detailed back-up of all bills and the comprehensive information we needed to lease the office spaces. Anything we needed, we received immediately! - Michael Zucker, Jersey Central Management

City Center Mal 03 Expertise


Regency worked with each of our tenants to create a customized, hi-end workspace that would meet their specifications. At the same time, they stayed true to the design concept and structural requirements of the overall structure. - Mark Tress, City Center Mall

Tiferes Bais Yaakov 04 Pride


They did a stunning job; they even upgraded the landscaping on their own, and did anything and everything that had to get done. Theres a lot of energy involved when they make their decisions. Its all done with thought and pride. Im sure they know where every screw and nail in our building is. - Rabbi Weiss, Tiferes Bais Yaakov

Oros Bais Yaakov 05 Efficiency


We gave them just 3 months to build a $3.5 million school campus. Regency accomplished the impossible with incredible professionalism, calm, and caring that can't be matched. - Rabbi Ephraim Birnbaum, Oros Bais Yaakov

Bnos Rivka 06 Integrity


Regency delivers what they promise. They're there from the very beginning until the very end. They work with you, and their speed is amazing. - Rabbi Mordechai Cohen, Bnos Rivka