About Us

To truly understand what makes Regency’s team so unusual, you’d have to meet them in person. With a proven track record of scores of successful projects and gratified clients, Regency has the kind of construction expertise that can only be garnered in the field. Abe Auerbach, President, knows that impeccable client service is as important as skill. Whenever you contact your project manager, you can expect his full attention. You'll calmly discuss your concerns, in language you understand.

Clients are pleasantly surprised at how accessible and patient the Regency team is, especially considering their reputation of completing elaborate projects in just a few months. The answer lies in the smooth system Abe established.

Employees are selected for their expertise in a particular facet of the industry, and for their honesty and reliability. The companies that Regency contracts with are each leaders in their respective fields and they enjoy long-lasting professional relationships with Regency. Everyone at the worksite is treated with dignity and respect, and Regency promotes safety and good work habits.

While Regency sets the bar high, workers consistently meet and exceed expectations. Site supervisors and subcontractors collaborate in advance and study the detailed schedules and plans. When the workers arrive at dawn each day, the site is organized and goals are clear. There’s momentum, there’s passion, there’s excellence.

Full service means just that. At the end of the day, every worker on the job site is accountable to Abe Auerbach. The workers all know that, and that knowledge comes through in their work.

Abe Auerbach

When Abe established Regency Development in 2002, he quickly earned a reputation as a straight-shooter that would do anything to please a client. Within a few years, Regency was building some of Lakewood’s largest projects. Clients often comment that they’re surprised at how easy it is to get Abe on the phone, and that he makes them feel like their project is his only concern. Abe wouldn’t have it any other way.

Mark Hess
Project Manager

Mark has been a key member of Regency’s team since 2007, and is highly regarded by our numerous commercial clients. He’s especially skilled at structure and sitework. His outgoing and personable nature make him a highly effective project manager.

Yossi Wagner
Project Manager

Yossi has been with Regency since 2010, and he’s earned a reputation for his meticulous attention to detail. He patiently handles the most intricate and high-end projects. Clients often comment that having Yossi walk them through the entire process made all the difference.

Shiggy Levovitz
Site Supervisor

Shiggy was welcomed to the Regency team in 2014, after working for a real estate management company for several years. His experience in rehabilitating numerous housing units simultaneously is a great asset in his new position, where productivity and cost-efficiency are fundamental.

Abe Myers
Site Manager

Regency was delighted to welcome Abe in 2017, and clients, too, immediately voiced their favorable impressions. Abe is personable, friendly and eager to provide top-notch customer service. His meticulous attention to detail, developed during years of working on hi-end residences, is a boon for every project he’s assigned to.

Dov Wilhelm
Site Manager

Dov joined Regency in 2017 with a broad perspective on all the many facets required to make commercial projects highly functional and durable. Be it schools, malls, movie theaters, or any other venture, Dov works closely with each client to accommodate their requests and provide invaluable guidance.

Ariel Kornblit
Site Manager

Ariel’s arrival in 2017 was a blessing. Having been involved in the Israeli residential construction scene for several years, Ariel brings fresh techniques and technical advances to Regency’s team. Affable and assertive, Ariel’s ability to pleasantly command control of a worksite earns him the trust of workers and clients alike.

Mark Shugarman

Avery Privalsky

Aron Ehrenreich