Toras Aaron Ballroom
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Toras Aaron Ballroom

500 Summer Avenue

 Project Overview

Original Structure:

42,500 Sf open warehouse; steel beams with no exterior walls


Project Goals:

  • school building and campus, fully functioning elaborate ballroom

  • grand entrance and well-appointed lobby area

  • bridal suites, family suites and powder rooms

  • large commercial kitchen


Coordinating the Details

Regency Development worked closely with talented designers and decorators to actualize the client's vision of a lavish yet practical ballroom. Regency's team was involved throughout the entire process, from planning the intricate decor to selecting suitable materials. this included obtaining custom draperies and mouldings and importing six custom chandeliers from Europe. Assembling these chandeliers involved manually hanging over 30,000 crystals each!

High Efficiency

Work on the ballroom began in November, 2009. By the end of January, the ballroom was complete and ready for its first booking.


Moshe Ehrman
732 363 9981