NJ Ethanol

NJ Ethanol

5 South Industrial Boulevard, Bridgeton NJ 08302

Project Goals

Create a large-scale ethanol plant with annual production capacity of 5 million gallons. Plant transforms food waste into a renewable energy source.
  • Seven-story, exposed galvanized steel structure
  • Installation of 20 storage tanks with capacities of 200,000 gallons each
Project Duration
  • 14 months
  • Start Date: July 2012
  • Occupancy Date: July 2014


Following an unsuccessful redevelopment attempt in 2008, investors were skeptical. They weren’t sure anyone could expedite the project quickly enough to make it financially viable. Ultimately, Regency’s longstanding track record of completing projects on-time and on-budget played a considerable role in persuading investors to move ahead with the project. Project required critical collaboration with machine manufacturers and technicians to ensure compliance with precise engineering guidelines.


 I chose Regency for their speed and efficiency. I’m familiar with other jobs that they’ve done, so I was sure he could do it and stay in budget.

Leo Fischer, Ethanol