NJ Ethanol

NJ Ethanol

5 South Industrial Boulevard

Project Overview

New Construction; Work in Progress

Start date: July 2012


Project Goal

• create ethanol plant with production capacity of 5 million gallons per year


Convincing Investors

The original plans for the ethanol plant were abandoned in 2008 when all funding fell through. Finally, in 2011, the site owner made an attempt to obtain private funding to make the lucrative plant a reality.

Knowing that they were risking severe penalties if the project were to stall, the investors did extensive research and analyzed detailed plans before entrusting the project to Regency Development.

Massive Machinery

The processing facility required the construction of a seven story exposed galvanized steel structure and the installation of 20 storage tanks, each with an approximate capacity of 200,000 gallons. Collaboration with the machine manufacturers and technicians was vital, as was meeting the precise engineering guidelines.


 I chose Regency for their speed and efficiency. I’m familiar with other jobs that they’ve done, so I was sure he could do it and stay in budget.

Leo Fischer, Ethanol