Glatt Gourmet/River Terrace
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Glatt Gourmet/River Terrace

1094 River Avenue, Lakewood NJ 08701


Project Goals

Glatt Gourmet, a highly popular family restaurant in a shopping strip complex, sought to create an adjacent catering facility
  • Build-out of new catering hall adjacent to existing restaurant
Project Duration
  • 5 months


In under 5 months, Regency delivered River Terrace a sophisticated, elegant, 3,000 SF ballroom, accommodating events of up to 250 guests. The hall’ssweeping grace is enhanced by spectacular décor and furnishings befitting the caterer’s renowned pursuit of perfection.




 Regency's a pleasure! Always available, always there when there's any sort of problem , and so honest, straightforward and easy to work with!