Toras Aaron School Campus
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Toras Aaron School Campus

500 Summer Avenue

Project Overview

Original Structure:

42,500 Sf open warehouse; steel beams with no exterior walls


Project Goals:

• school building, including 19 class-rooms, conference rooms and offices

• school campus, including 5 basketball courts, playground, and Olympic-size swimming pool

• truck out 600 loads of fill to make  grade suitable for 2-acre parking lot with massive drainage and recharge system

• fully functioning elaborate ballroom, including commercial kitchen


Raising the Roof

The huge 42,500 sf roof was jacked up 7 feet in three sections to allow for an additional floor to be built.


Ensuring Adequate Utilities

The gas, electricity, and water systems needed a complete overhaul to meet heavy daily usage. Since there had been no gas service previously, Regency Development had to coordinate installation of a new gas main with the utility company.

• Electricity was upgraded from 400 amps at 208 volts to 1600 amps at 480 Tight Timetable

• Work at the site began in April 2009.

• The school campus was completed in time for opening day in September, just four months later.



Moshe Ehrman
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