Shaagas Aryeh
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Shaagas Aryeh

Project Overview

New Construction

Project Goals:

33,000 Sf school building, including 27 classrooms, offices, conference rooms, party room, commercial kitchen, storm drainage, parking lot


Replanting Apple Orchard

This property boasted a 23 lovely apple trees, on the exact spot where the school building is today. When the owner revealed how sorry he was to see the orchard go, Regency offered to transplant the trees to another part of the campus. Each tree was carefully extracted, roots intact, and replanted. Come spring, all the trees blossomed, to the delight of the students and faculty.

House in the Middle

The owners preferred not to throw down a charming old house on the property, so Regency's design-build team drew the plans around the structure. The engineer instructed the team on how to maintain the house's stability, so that the heavy machinery and vibrating ground wouldn't compromise safety.