Bnos Melech
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Bnos Melech

550 James Street

Project Overview

Original Structure:

20,000 sf warehouse building, surrounded by acres of trees.

Project Goal:

• raise and gut entire building 
• 40,000 sf school building with sidewalk, curb, gutter and paving work.
• commercial kitchen and utility installation


Tight Timetable:

The previous tenants ddin’t vacate the building in time, so work at the site couldn’t begin until May, 2012. That left only 4 months for an enormous amount of work on the structure and the surrounding property.
We needed to clear a small forest, draw new gas and electric lines, and install a massive septic system and new wells. Then drainage and cement work could begin. Meanwhile, 2 crews of building movers used hydraulic lifts to raise the entire building by 10 feet, and a team of steel erectors shored up the structure. 
Water, HVAC (including 213 tons of AC), gas, electric, phone, alarm and bell systems were installed, as was a large commercial kitchen. 
On Sep. 1 Regency’s team took pride in watching the school busses loaded with excited schoolchildren rolling onto the freshly paved lot. The transformation was complete. On time, on budget.


Rabbi Hess

732 730 2820

 Regency does an excellent job. We needed a job done in four and a half months that should really have taken a year or more. Regency is known for handling such jobs. They’re really unbelievable. We were very, very happy with them.

The main thing I like about Regency is that they’re honest people.

Rabbi Hess
550 James