Bnos Devorah
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Bnos Devorah

360 Oak Street, Lakewood, NJ 08701


Project Goals

Design+build state-of-the-art elementary school building with auditorium, kitchen and catering facilities
  • 72,000 SF school campus
Project Duration
  • 11 months
  • Start Date: September 2014
  • Occupancy Date: August 2015


As it is for most schools, fiscal responsibility was an important factor for Bnos Devorah’s administrators. They specifically sought a builder who would stay within their conservative budget while creating a space inviting enough to host elegant affairs yet solid enough for long-term school use. Regency accepted the challenge, using flexibility and creativity to minimize labor and procure discounted materials, resulting in a spacious, beautiful building.


Rabbi Notis


 I'm very, very, very happy and very, very thankful. Really, I'm amazed at how they work at lightning speed. They're such a pleasure to work with and so honest.