Toras Menachem
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Toras Menachem

1990 Swarthmore Avenue

Project Overview

Original Structure:

15,500 Sf open warehouse

Project Goal:

Block school building, complete with classrooms, study hall, offices, and a small kitchen
Paved parking lot with trees cleared, drainage and playground equipment


Getting it done in 22 working days

On July 31, 2011, the warehouse at 1990 Swarthmore was a dilapidated shell. In September, hundreds of children would start school in sparkling, well-lit classrooms. All plumbing, electricity and security systems would be in place, and hot lunches would be served from the kitchen.

For 22 days, Regency's crews worked nonstop. The masons, steel erectors, sprinkler installers, and tile layers were lined up, one after the other. Whenever possible, crews worked simultaneously, coordinating their work so not a second would be wasted. News helicopters whirred overhead, and reporters wrote about the school that seemed to build itself.

When the C of O was readily presented, and the students poured into the freshly painted hallways in September, it was a testimony to Regency's excellent  teamwork. 

 A pleasure to work with Regency Development-and with their workers. The building was done very efficiently and very nicely.

Moshe Mandel