Mekor Hatorah
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Mekor Hatorah

180 Sims Ave


Project Overview

3 acre state-of-the-art school campus

Project Goal:

• Clear forest 
• Construct infrastructure and school campus in under one year
• Amenities include: gym, weight room, pool, ping pong room, ball fields, landscaping


Lack of infrastructure:

This property was located hundreds of feet from existing infrastructure, and with a timetable of under a year for the entire project, it was critical to get the lines connected immediately.
After intense negotiations with the various utility companies, sufficient water, gas, and electric lines were pulled, and construction was able to continue exactly on schedule.
Regency also laid roadwork to to enable access to the new campus.


Yechiel Schron


 Regency is A-1. I have only the best things to say about them. Very easy to deal with. Very honest. Straightforward. Truly a pleasure.