Chein Bais Yaakov

Chein Bais Yaakov

580 Oak street


Project Overview

New Construction

Project Goals:

• 17,000 Sf building, including 2 stories and basement

• 20 classrooms, multiple offices

• auditorium, kitchen

• parking lot with recharge and drainage system

• extend sewer and water lines by 900 feet

• playground



Big needs;Small space

The challenge presented by this particular school building was at the design phase. A new school should feel spacious and inviting, yet it needs all the amenities to be fully functional, including parking, large classrooms, ample office space, a commercial kitchen and dining area. 


Maximizing every inch 

Our engineers and designers rallied, determined to create a winning plan in this tight space. After countless hours drafting, sketching, and redesigning, and shifting walls an inch over, they fit all the essential elements into the puzzle. Chein Bais Yaakov's building will accommodate their growing student body, be easy and cost-efficient to maintain, and still have a welcoming, pleasant vibe!


Rabbi Zeimba