Ohr Elchonon
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Ohr Elchonon

805 Cross Street

Project Overview

Original Structure:

12,500 sf single story building; half school, half offices


Project Goal:

• gut entire building
• raise 12,500 ft roof, create second floor
• convert to 12 classrooms, offices, synagogue, banquet hall


Beating Our Own Contract:

The contract stipulated a six-month construction timetable. Work at the site began in April 2010. In July, the school administrators were made aware that the temporary facilities they had organized for the first few months of the new school year would be unavailable. This presented a huge dilemma; an entire school without a building! Regency Development accepted this new challenge and expedited the construction. One month later, in mid-August, the school moved into their sparkling building in time for the new term!
Although the job was completed in under 70% of the original time allotted, Regency Development maintained 100% of the structural integrity expected. The building passed its C of O inspection and received its engineering approval with ease.


Menachem Spiegel
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