Tehilas Chaya Sara

Tehilas Chaya Sara

1115 Cross Street, Lakewood NJ 08701

Project Goals

Develop full elementary school campus with 27 classrooms and extensive outdoor recreation in under a year
  • 3-acre state-of-the-art school campus
Project Duration
  • 11 months
  • Start Date: November 2013
  • Occupancy Date: September 2015


It’s rare to need the plans redrawn mid-way through construction, but it does happen. When the administration at TCS requested changes that involved steel restructuring, Regency accepted the challenge andworked to price it fairly. Of course, this set the schedule back. Still, the September deadline was non-negotiable, and yellow buses rolled up to a freshly paved lot on opening day.

 Regency delivers what they promise. They’re there from the very beginning until the very end. They work with you, and their speed is amazing.
Rabbi Mordechai Cohen, School Administrator