We bring a lot to the table

By the time we break ground, you’ll already have benefited from the many preliminary services Regency Development provides. You’ll feel confident in your decisions, your plans and your financing. Most of all, you’ll feel secure in the knowledge that Regency is thoroughly invested in a highly successful outcome.

Site Research

When scouting for an appropriate site, a little direction can save you weeks of scouring the city. We do the feasibility site research for you, so you get a general sense of whether a property will meet your needs.

Surveying & Engineering

If the site seems promising, we order surveys on your behalf and an appraisal by a civil engineer. Together we determine the optimal land use, considering variables such as the flow of traffic and existing utility capacity. The civil engineer’s report provides many recommendations, including placement for entrances, loading docks, and trash receptacles.

Pro-forma Prep

A good decision is not made in a vacuum — it’s made in an ocean of knowledge. You need every fact and figure spelled out to comfortably decide whether to move ahead.

We show you:
  • a comprehensive breakdown of all projected expenses (yes, all!) and income.
  • how the numbers compare for various construction options, and how the cash-out potential would differ. See sample here
  • current operating expenses at your existing location compared to the new, projected monthly payment, if applicable.


Regency’s long-standing relationships with select architects results in timely, efficient service for our clients. Together with the architect, we draw a possible floor layout, based on your current and future needs. We’ll discuss space maximization and outline specifications. To help you visualize the layout, we’ll use BIM software and 3-D renderings.

Our goal: To create a unique, highly functional building design that will outperform your expectations for decades to come.


When you’re pleased with the general plan, we hand-pick the right designer for your project from our network. Transforming your vision into reality isn’t enough. You need more than that. With ingenuity, versatility and creativity, our team strategizes and suggests solutions you couldn’t have thought of on your own.

Structure & MEP design

We collaborate with structural and MEP (mechanical, electrical and plumbing) engineers to draw plans in ways that serve your best interests. To engineers, the code is king. But to us, your needs are paramount. So we imagine it’s us moving in to that building, and we tweak the plans accordingly. All while adhering to the code, of course.

Example: We might increase the HVAC capacity so you‘ll have a cool, comfortable environment on scorching hot days, even if the code allows indoor temperatures to reach into the 80’s.

Value Engineering

We start with a detailed trade-by-trade cost analysis. Then we shop around so you’ll get premium services and supplies at great rates, courtesy of our extensive network of vendors and building professionals. Your budget is our budget, and we’ve got enough cost-management experience to stay well within it.


If you don’t relish the process of acquiring permits and approvals, you’ll be pleased to know that you won’t need to. Regency slices through the red tape for you, selecting and hiring attorneys to submit applications to the planning or zoning boards, request utility approvals, and navigate through any legal obstacle that might arise.

If your project requires a specialized lawyer, you’ll be especially relieved that Regency has the experience to find you the right one.


We believe that transparency is the key to quantifying financing.

We’ll advise you how much cash you’ll need out of pocket, run financial analyses to make sure to stay within your budget and, if needed, we’ll revise the plans to work within your financial ability. Sometimes selecting lower-cost options of certain materials or adjusting the phasing can make all the difference!

We guide you through the process of obtaining funding for your project. You’ll need tips, referrals, reports, cost analyses and plans. We compile the documentation for you and, at your request, attend meetings to present the options to key stakeholders.


Is there an obstacle holding up the process? Perhaps there’s opposition from a local county or state government? We’ll sit down with the neighbors, attend city hall meetings, and speak with local politicians. We’ll address their concerns, problem-solve, and generally do whatever it takes to ensure that when you move in, there’ll be smiles all around.


Construction Management, Regency-Style

Every facet of construction is conducted as per Regency’s high standards. Watch your project seamlessly progress from land clearing to structure to final touches. Every detail documented, every dollar wisely spent.

Your site manager will touch base with you often to ensure that you’re thrilled with our work and that the emerging structure is just what you envisioned.

Online Portal

Log in to your project page anytime to track our progress. You’ll never have to wonder where things are up to. Our state-of-the-art software gives you minute-by-minute updates, financial reports and photos in real time. You’ll see the project move through the phases of construction at a healthy clip, following a carefully developed master schedule. So much hinges on a smooth workflow!

You’ll get plenty of notice when you need to select materials — no pressure! We’ll show you how to enter your choices on the online portal so that updates and upgrades are available immediately.

Lean Construction

By adopting lean construction methods, Regency reduces the wasted time and materials typically associated with construction. Your designated project manager will implement a reliable workflow that eliminates waiting time and schedule conflicts. He’ll order materials as needed, after careful calculations.
No need to resign yourself to cost escalation when Regency is at the helm.

Utility Coordination

Does the site utility infrastructure support heavy and consistent use? Will there be adequate access to the water supply, sewage lines, electric, natural gas and internet network? We’ll calculate that for you, then coordinate and negotiate with the utility companies if we need to draw more lines.

Negotiation works! At times, utility companies have waived well over 10K in installation fees following expert negotiation, and we were gratified to present the good news to the owner.

Exceptional Leadership

Our project managers and site managers are all highly experienced and capable of managing the many trade specialists in the field. Regency’s a great place to work, and our team members are fully engaged and enthusiastic. You’ll find them an absolute pleasure to work with!

Instant Accessibility

It’s easy to reach your site manager, project manager, and anyone else on the Regency team. Simple. We give you our cell numbers and we answer our phones. Consistently. If we ever miss your call, you can expect a callback within 30 minutes.


There’s lots of talk about green building, but which investments are truly worthwhile in the long run? We’re up to the minute on current energy-saving building trends such as sprayfoam roofing, solar installation and building automation. We’ll also help you select energy-efficient equipment, like LED lighting and HVAC units.


A Regency job site is clean and safe at all hours, with all operations in line with OSHA’s national criteria. Protecting personnel and property is critical, so we’ve instituted system guidelines, and use nighttime security guards and cameras when needed.

We look forward to hearing about your project.

It’s never too soon to get expert guidance, even if all you have is the germ of an idea. Remember, we’ll never pressure or rush you in any way. You’ll have all the data and space you need to make a well-informed decision.