Pride in every detail

We specialize in design+build projects, working closely with forward-thinking designers to actualize unique architectural concepts. If you have a vision, we’ll bring it to reality. And if you don’t have a vision, just a vague plan — well, that’s what we’re here for.
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Foresight is 20/20

We lead you through the planning and construction phases — from Should we? to Can we? to How do we? — with detailed cost projections, open dialogue and complete transparency. Our step-by-step guidance ensures you never have to regret a decision.

A reputation well-earned, client by client

When our clients' feedback includes the very same words we use at our meetings, we know we've succeeded.

Open doors and no ceiling

You’re always welcome at 315 Monmouth!

First thing you’ll notice is the purposeful energy rippling through the office. Yet it's so tranquil, you’ll find yourself gravitating to the Keurig, wondering about the unique vibe you feel. A quick chat with a couple of team members will reveal its source: Every Regency employee is working at their dream job.

It’s a place where people feel both challenged and supported – simultaneously. Where everyone is valued for their unique contributions. Where personal development is encouraged. And most significantly, where there is no ceiling to limit anyone’s progress.

Come by; we’d love to meet in person! Until then, get to know us better here.

Your property's true potential

Wondering how to maximize a space within your specifications?
It’s never too soon to get expert guidance. Even if all you have is the germ of an idea, we can brainstorm together.
Don’t worry, we’ll never pressure or rush you in any way. You’ll have all the data and space you need to make a well-informed decision.

Explore the possibilities

About Regency

Regency Development is a large-scale construction firm dedicated to guiding owners and managers through the development process. With an all-encompassing suite of services that goes far beyond actual construction, Regency steers each project toward its efficient conclusion. From assistance with analyzing the potential of the deal all the way to leasing spaces, clients enjoy an unusually streamlined process.


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Member of the Building
Trades Association
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