“Incredibly efficient!”

-the most common feedback we receive
When every extra day translates to extra dollars, when you’re paying down multiple mortgages simultaneously, and the move-in date is non-negotiable, efficiency is critical.

We operate on this premise:

The faster we're done, the faster you earn returns.
There’s nothing we enjoy more than surprising a client with a ‘You’ve just got final board approval — with the variances needed!’ call or informing them of another milestone met, and hearing, “Already? Wow!”

Honored to build for

What’s on the backend of the smooth operation?

The level of efficiency we’ve attained isn’t the product of aggressive races to the finish line. It goes deeper than that. It’s the result of constantly refining our workflow, cutting bureaucratic procedures and believing in our people even more than in our processes. All with one focus: How would we enjoy the process if we were the client?

Meticulous pre-construction process

We diffuse potential landmines before they become problematic. Right at the outset, while working through the approval process on behalf of our clients, we identify possible issues related to zoning, land use, or other obstacles.

We don’t take a wait-and-see approach; we tackle them on the spot, often without involving the client at all.


There's one word to describe our experience with Regency — smooth. They took ownership of the project and pushed us forward with knowledge, efficiency, and respect.

Rachel Bulman
Jersey Central Management

The site managers are really on top of things. We had a massive flood one Friday, when the water company unexpectedly turned on our water, right in the midst of a regional blackout. The sprinkler system hadn’t been connected yet, so 3,400 gallons came pouring out in 1 minute! Regency’s crew came right over,and everyone, managers included, sweated for hours pumping out the water. They then replaced anything that was damaged at no cost. Incredible!

Rabbi Yoffe
Woodlake Yeshiva

A deeply
invested team

Employees at Regency are treated well. More than the cars and company-paid vacations, which are generously provided, it’s the independence and opportunities for advancement that creates an outstanding team. There’s commitment, there’s initiative, there’s talent, and best of all — there’s enough of it. Plenty of manpower.

A robust team of managers, supervisors, estimators and back-office staff work in sync to prevent bottlenecks.


Subs who stand behind us

When selecting subcontractors and vendors, some will focus on lowest bids to the exclusion of all other factors. Experience has taught us to take a more nuanced approach. We vet our vendors to ensure they offer quality materials and workmanship, deliver as promised, and service the client long-term, even post-construction.

By building relationships with vendors who stand behind us, we’re able to stand behind you.


“We’ll send them 10 guys for 12-hour shifts 6 days a week if needed. They’re so fair and straightforward; we’d do whatever it takes to accommodate Regency.”

Yossi Rothenberg
Ceiling Experts

Walk into Regency's offices at 315 Monmouth, and you may be surprised.

With a reputation for completing commercial projects in months, you’d expect to find yourself in a motion blur, but it’s not like that at all.

It’s not about baiting subcontractors and sparking bidding wars.

It’s not about pressuring employees and vendors to work overtime and faster and harder.

And when mistakes happen, there’s no blame-shifting, only a measured, let’s-solve-this approach.

It’s calm, relaxed, and it’s clear that everyone cares. And of course, we invite you to visit and experience it first-hand.

This respectful approach originates with Regency's CEO, Abe Auerbach.

“They do it because they appreciate us - and they know we appreciate them,” Abe explains in his signature understated tone.
That one line encapsulates so many facets of Regency’s success.

Vendors keeping prices stable for over a decade, because Abe never played games, never pulled a contract, never held back on a payment even if a client had cashflow issues. He’d take cash out of his pocket to pay vendors for work completed — because he cares — and they know it.

Site managers reviewing the new blueprints on a Sunday morning in a quiet office, although no one asked them to, simply because they want a strong start to the week ahead.

Investors returning for yet another project, secure in the knowledge that Regency will go beyond following the plans; they’ll first ensure those plans are cost-effective and smart, and that the project is a sound investment.

Abe Auerbach

By conducting every conversation like it’s his only call of the day, Abe built Regency’s reputation.

What’s on your mind today?

Contact Abe directly
732-730-7094 x101

It’s great people who make a company great
Meet the team known to be ‘a pleasure to deal with!’

Mark has been a key member of Regency’s team since 2007, and is highly regarded by our numerous commercial clients. He’s especially skilled at structure and sitework. His outgoing and personable nature make him a highly effective project manager.

Mark Hess


Yossi has been with Regency since 2010, and he’s earned a reputation for his meticulous attention to detail. He patiently handles the most intricate and high-end projects. Clients often comment that having Yossi walk them through the entire process made all the difference.

Yossi Wagner


Regency was delighted to welcome Abe in 2017, and clients, too, immediately voiced their favorable impressions. Abe is personable, friendly and eager to provide top-notch customer service. His meticulous attention to detail, developed during years of working on hi-end residences, is a boon for every project he’s assigned to.

Abe Myers

Senior Project Manager

Avery Privalsky

Project Manager

Mark Shugarman

Project Manager

Tzvi Mendlowitz

Project Manager

Shraga Freidberg

Project Manager

Mordy Reichman

Site Supervisor

Shmuel Kops

Site Supervisor

Yanky Halpert

Site Supervisor

Tzvi Feldman

Site Supervisor

Sholom Weitzman

Site Supervisor

Yisroel Hertzberg

Assistant Site Supervisor

Mendy Teren

Assistant Site Supervisor

Yisochor Silberberg

Assistant Site Supervisor

Yehuda Appelbaum

Project Coordinator

Moishy Fiddle

Project Coordinator

Josh Nussbaum


Regency wasn't built in a day

It’s been over a decade, but that too is quite swift for a company that started from the ground up. It’s growth fueled by referrals, each happy client introducing several others.

Just a file cabinet

Working from an office that was actually just a file cabinet in his car, Abe started renovating single family houses.

Right hands on board

With more challenging projects on the horizon, Abe brought on Mark Hess and then Yossi Wagner, hard-working guys with innate skills and great personalities.

School doors open

Toras Aaron, Regency’s first large-scale project, that included a school campus and a wedding ballroom was successfully completed in just 5 months, paving the way for more challenging projects.

The campus champion

TBY’s huge, beautiful free-standing building turned out to be a turning point for the young company. School administrators realized Regency was their answer to overcrowded classrooms. For the next 5 years, they averaged 5 new campuses a year.

Going commercial

Taking note of Regency's stellar record, LTC’s owners entrusted Abe with the development of their headquarters. This marked the company’s segue into hi-end commercial construction.

Onward and upwards!

WIth experience in multi-family developments, and the industrial, commercial and educational sectors, Regency is poised to accept bigger and better challenges going forward.

Do you have a project in mind? We’d love to hear about it.

Contact Abe directly
732-730-7094 x101

About Regency

Regency Development is a large-scale construction firm dedicated to guiding owners and managers through the development process. With an all-encompassing suite of services that goes far beyond actual construction, Regency steers each project toward its efficient conclusion. From assistance with analyzing the potential of the deal all the way to leasing spaces, clients enjoy an unusually streamlined process.


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Member of the Building
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