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Given the room, how much will you grow?

As we take on more projects throughout New Jersey and beyond, we’re on the lookout for people fired up to build their skills while building great things together. So if you’ve got builder’s blood pulsing through your veins, a future with Regency might be in your stars.

What it’s really like on the inside

“They throw you in but help you out at the same time”
“They want you to do as much as you can do.”
“You’re not just accepting deliveries, you’re involved from the preliminary stages.”
“A great work environment”
“You have to be growing, always growing.”
“We have amazing team meetings, where we learn from the guys doing it longer”

We don’t hire robots, even if they pass the recaptcha

We want people.
Independent, self-motivated, resourceful people.
People who make mistakes, learn from them, and push forward. People who get along with everyone and get their work done.
People who are patient enough to return and investigate a tiny leak six months after the job is done — with a smile.

Because we pay you, but we can’t pay you to care.
That’s on you.


About Regency

Regency Development is a large-scale construction firm dedicated to guiding owners and managers through the development process. With an all-encompassing suite of services that goes far beyond actual construction, Regency steers each project toward its efficient conclusion. From assistance with analyzing the potential of the deal all the way to leasing spaces, clients enjoy an unusually streamlined process.


Member of the Building
Trades Association
Member of the Building
Trades Association
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